do you hear what I hear

November 17, 2015






nose_4Standing Firm (yes I know it’s a nose, it just struck me as funny with the title, and yes I do have an odd sense (get it) of humor


A beautiful example of what is meant by standing firm is found in the flight of Israel from Egypt. As the Israelites followed the Lord’s command to leave Egypt, they were followed by Pharaoh and all of his chariots and cavalry and infantry. Pharaoh represented the greatest military establishment at that time, and he threw everything he had against the Israelites. This threat surely overwhelmed them and struck fear in their hearts—a situation not very different from the Christian who is the target of Satan.

When the Israelites in their fear accused Moses of bringing them out of Egypt to be killed, Moses demonstrated the kind of attitude and action that Christians are to have in spiritual warfare: “Do not fear! Stand by and see the salvation of the Lord.… The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent” (Exod. 14:13–14). As they obeyed and stood firm, the Lord delivered them first by opening up the Red Sea as a path of escape and then by drowning the army of Pharaoh in the waters as they closed back on them.

The Israelites were to stand firm; that was their responsibility. The Lord would deliver; that was His responsibility. In the same way believers today are to stand firm against Satan; that is our responsibility. We are to stand our ground in our position in Christ. God then deals with Satan. We are on the defensive, and God exercises the option of the offensive.

I hope you caught that warfare truth in the second paragraph, ….keep silent…very difficult to do when you’re scared spitless, or ill or under attack or your whole world is crumbling around you, how can we hear from God is we are to busy hollering or fuss’n or even praying, there are times to be silent and watch God.

God bless from

Pray for Roger and his health

For Lisa E. and the death of her dad

Paula and her dog, the little guy is really sick

Susan and her son Jimmy, first army tour overseas, (man, I remember that).

Eilleen and her husband, a better marriage

Pray for those building new

For Joe and his new job




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