November 27, 2015

Exploding head

Well this is going to be an annual event I guess, my Thanksgiving Day Rant.


Let me start at the beginning, so Tuesday I go to my kids house and borrow a 36 inch flat screen tv, Wednesday I go to the cable company and tell them I want two months of cable, they make me sign up for three. So the deal is my wife wants to watch the thanksgiving parade, the Christmas parade and the new year’s eve ball drop, that’s it.


So Wednesday hook up the tv, Thursday we watch the parade and the dog show.


So maybe because I don’t watch tv at all I’m more sensitive, or less numb or not brain rotted, but again I am shocked at what is on tv.


5 minutes before the parade the nbc news announces that during the holiday season there will be a great, moving, touching, revealing, heart tugging movie coming out or on tv about a true story of a transgender person and their courageous struggle. Really, 5 minutes before the Macy Day parade, all these families are getting to watch a parade and now you have to answer your 7 year old what a transgender is and no it isn’t related to the movie “the Transformers” (well maybe it is).


Then during the parade, you have to explain why men are wearing women’s cheer leading dresses, or how almost every single solo performer while surrounded by kids is singing about sex, more sex, low morals, bad affairs, cheating, more sex, still surrounded by kids under 12.


And as a bonus to the parade, Avery, (not his real name) who is an old friend of mine, who lives in N.Y. and works for NBC, calls with a spoiler alert, (not that I care, but it shows how bankrupt the tv people are), “hey, are you watching the parade?”, yep, I am, “watch when the float comes by with Mariah Carey on it, they won’t zoom in on her like all the other singers because it’ not her.” It’s a stand in, cause she never shows up, and yet the parade hosts are going to tell you it’s her. (oh my, tv people are lying to me, how shocking).


So how often do you sit in a coma, in front of the tv and let all this malarkey just soak into your brain; are you a passive parasite parade watcher or do you look for everything, in media for that which corrupts, corrodes, and conceals the truth about fallen humanity. Can you even still be shocked?


I’m no Don Wildmon, (look him up if you don’t know who he is) by any stretch of the imagination but wow, the three times a year I turn on the tv just floors me.


So how often do you watch tv, and how many lies, and how much corruption, impurity and filth do you let into your home?


God bless from

 for all those praying for Kim and her battle with cancer, she has gone on to be with the Lord. Pray for the family.




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