November 28, 2015



Learn to defend the faith by the following dozen philosophical truths and you can argue, defend, support, be a bulwark of Christianity and not a bumbling illiterate doubting Christian, unable to converse and persuade the loudest atheist. The Big Twelve are points you can never falter, not support or deny or you have lost before you began.  If number one is not immediately agreed upon with whomever you are conversing walk away and shake the dust off your feet as you are dealing with a fool; and fool’s gift to himself is the sound of his own voice braying like the jackass he is.



  1. Truth about reality is knowable.


  1. The opposite of true is false.


  1. It is true that the theistic God exists.


  1. If God exists, then miracles are possible.


  1. Miracles can be used to confirm a message from God

(i.e., as an act of God to confirm a word from God).


  1. The New Testament is historically reliable.


  1. The New Testament says Jesus claimed to be God.


  1. Jesus’ claim to be God was miraculously confirmed by:
  2. His fulfillment of many prophecies about Himself;
  3. His sinless and miraculous life;
  4. His prediction and accomplishment of His resurrection.


  1. Therefore, Jesus is God.


  1. Whatever Jesus (who is God) teaches is true.


  1. Jesus taught that the Bible is the Word of God.


  1. Therefore, it is true that the Bible is the Word of God

(and anything opposed to it is false).


All nontheistic worldviews are directly or indirectly unaffirmable, and only theism is affirmable and undeniable. All world views that do not include God are wrong; all of them fail the test for truth. For example, deism is a self-defeating position because it acknowledges the miracle of an ex nihilo creation but denies that other miracles are possible. Pantheism is self-defeating because it involves a person (the pantheist) claiming that individual finite selves (such as the pantheist) are less than real. Dogmatic atheism, in its insistence that God must not exist because of the reality of evil, must assume God (as the ground of morality) in order to disprove God.

Since something exists, nothing comes from nothing that leads inescapably to the existence of an infinitely perfect and powerful Being beyond this world who is the current sustaining cause of all finite, changing, and contingent beings. The idea of a faith in chance, a cosmic roll of the dice created a patterned existence is by very definition the essence of one’s own personal hell. The concept that I am a random spermatic happenstance is the birth of hopelessness and the only by-product of such a belief system is despair.

Given the truth of theism, one must acknowledge the possibility of miracles Furthermore, the existence of God guarantees that history has meaning and that it is possible for human beings to know historical events. This means that God could use miracles in history to confirm his message.

(Again I want to mention a book that every Christian should have in your library, The book of Evangelism Explosion (EE), there is a great chapter in there about all the Old Testament Prophecies and how Christ fulfilled each and every one of them, an impossible task for a mere human being. This is also a great resource in witnessing to Jews). If you’ve read before, read it again.

“How do I know Christianity is true?” The key to answering this question is “to distinguish between knowing Christianity to be true and showing Christianity to be true”. “We know Christianity is true primarily by the self-authenticating witness of the Holy Spirit. We show Christianity is true by demonstrating that it is systematically consistent”. In other words, Christian apologetics does not pretend to create the grounds for knowing that Christianity is true, but rather points to or presents Christianity as rational as a means of encouraging unbelievers to receive the witness of the Spirit. A solvent point that we tend to easily to forget, you have to truly believe that each person you come into dialogue with has been drawn to that point in time to either be converted or condemned (not everyone is going to heaven) and that the Holy Spirit led both of you to that point. It is and always will be the Spirit of God that produces a moment of believing faith. We must always be ready to give answer and also believe that the Holy Spirit will help us speak, He’s more interested in what happens than we are.

Given that God’s existence would give meaning to life, we do not believe in God in an irrational attempt to convince ourselves that life has meaning. We believe in God because there is proof that he exists. “Thus, people are without excuse for not believing in God’s existence, not only because of the internal testimony of the Holy Spirit, but also because of the external witness of nature”. Arguments in support of belief in God “provide an intellectual, cultural context in which the gospel cannot be dismissed simply as a logical absurdity and is therefore given an honest chance to be heard”


God bless from

Pray for Elisa, cosmetic surgery gone horribly wrong

Bob, eye surgery gone wrong

Sara K, kicked by a rescue horse she picked up today, broke her hip

Daniel M, just accepted the Lord

Dan S, his daughter is a missionary and has contracted some kind of lung disease, not sure she’ll even survive the trip back to America.

******Pray for those in authority over us, so that we would know peace. (give me the bible verse for that statement and we will ship to you completely free an NIV study bible.*****



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