December 7, 2015



The shield of faith. Although Roman soldiers carried one of two types of shields, the larger one is mentioned here. This shield was a very large oblong shield, some four feet tall and two and one-half feet wide that the soldier used to hide behind for protection from the arrows and flaming missiles that the enemy would hurl at him.

The shield that protects the Christian is the shield of faith. To exhibit faith means to trust God. No matter what the situation and no matter how difficult God’s instructions might seem, we are to trust in God. “Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him” (Heb. 11:6). Only by believing God can we avoid the traps and snares that Satan sets for us. Adam and Eve fell into Satan’s trap in the Garden of Eden because they trusted in their own ability rather than in God’s Word. Satan’s major weapon is to get us to distrust God’s Word. Whenever we sin, we are believing Satan and giving our allegiance to him. Remember, faith means that God’s Word is more real to us than our experiences, feelings, and circumstances.

With the shield of faith, we are not only able to extinguish in a general sense the missiles that Satan throws at the world but also to extinguish all of the missiles that Satan throws at us. God’s Word is sufficient to handle every temptation, every assault, and every problem that Satan throws at us, not by launching an assault of rebuke, not by binding, and not by exorcism but by standing firm and putting on the armor of God. By trusting God and obeying Him, we need not worry about any attack that Satan might use; every trick that he tries can be handled by simply trusting God.

Well we are going to surprise you and have less to say about the shield than the feet.

But we are going to do some housekeeping in the question department.

Best bible version for doctrine and theology= King James

best bible for hebrew and greek study= New American Standard Version

stay away from any Linear or trans literal translation by Jay Green

best bible for daily reading (your choice).

Best bible for Dispensational studies , the Ryrie study bible

Best bible with commentary, NIV Study Bible (or any of their versions) published by Zondervan.

My favorite bible, the Dutch bound Schuyler, New Living Translation.

Best bible fixer, rebound, restoration guy, “leroy’s” book repair.

God bless from

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