simple simon

December 8, 2015

light vs darkness

As Hitler’s appetite for power and territory grew, his army began to march across Europe. In some cases, the fight could hardly be called a battle. The German army advanced, with its tanks and with technologically advanced weapons. In some of the underdeveloped nations, their armies made a futile effort to resist Hitler’s aggression, fighting back with spears and even rocks. It was no contest at all, because these nations were not equipped for the battle.

The same could be said of Satan, and those whom he opposes. Many of his victims do not even know there is a war going on. They make easy prey. Christians should know that we are in the midst of a great spiritual struggle, although many seem not to believe it. And even more distressing is the fact that many who consider themselves “in the war” do not understand the nature of Satan’s schemes, of the weapons which he employs, or of the weapons which God has provided for our defense.

It’s obvious from the emails that I’ve neglected something very important from this devotion series on the Armor of God.

  1. You do not need to be a super saint (there’s no such thing by the way, and the New Testament only talks about Saints in the plural)

  2. You do not need to be in “the ministry” spiritual warfare is a battle all Christians should engage in.

  3. Here’s the biggest question asked; “how do you get the armor on” and that seems to be the point I’ve left out.

Every morning when you get up, pray each piece of the armor on, it’s that simple, mentally picture each piece and what it does. Then when the trials and temptations, and vexing people and problems arrive think which piece of the armor do I need right now.

The other is example is think of a bullet proof vest, the bad guy jumps out and shoots, no warning, no time to do anything, you know what you say when you get shot? (in reality you think your dead, then you wonder if you broke something) but someone always says; “thank God you had your vest on.

HAD< it on, there will be moments, when it is the survival mode of thinking, if you habitually put on, pray on, practice, then one moment you will say; “thank God I had my armor on”.

It’s that simple.

Second point; your biggest battle will always be in one area; the walk of the wise is characterized, in part, by the filling or control of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18), which, in turn is evident in our mutual submission one to another (5:21–6:9). It should come as no surprise that Paul would turn to the subject of our spiritual warfare immediately following his instructions on submission and obedience. This area is one in which Satan’s own rebellion is most evident, and also an area in which his attacks can be expected.

We’ve mentioned Bob Dylan’s song before; “you gonna serve somebody” it was not mentioned at the time as a theme of spiritual warfare, but the point is godly relations, being gentle and kind and friendly and obedient and faithful and submissive will be your biggest challenges.

Your next battle will always be carnality, what you choose each day, a relationship with God or the pleasures of today.

God bless from

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