Babylon Lives

December 22, 2015

sugar coating

O.K. if you haven’t figured this out yet, the good Old U.S.A. is screwed, flushed down the toilet, over. 200 years of being billed as a Christian Nation, baloney, but wait it gets worse.

So bible says friendship with the world means you’re an enemy of God, so if you love the world and are real happy with the way things are going you are an enemy of God, the obverse of that is if you can’t wait for the return of the Lord or going home to heaven and appalled by the world, yeah you’re a friend of God.

So you know that this devotions page is a bare bones straight to the point devotional site, we don’t do a lot of pictures (only one each day) and we don’t post videos or music, there’s nothing wrong with those sites that do, we just don’t.

And I’m not going to post pictures that are secular, nasty, anti-god, against the word of god or reviling. That said, so miss universe contest, ms Australia, painted on a beard for the gown competition to portray Australia’s most well-known drag queen, (no she didn’t win).

The Pew foundation posted its annual survey on America and Religion, so as a nation we are less religious, 92% down to 89%, and American Christian’s by 54% Average are now more accepting of the homosexual lifestyle. Now at first I was a little dismayed by that figure, but after reading the report found out the good news is; the Pew foundation doesn’t really know what a Christian is.

Their most inept conclusion reports that Jehovah Witness are the most conservative of all Christian groups.

That’s really alarming if taken at face value, and more alarming that largest survey group in the world doesn’t know that the JW’s are not Christian.  But it gets worse the Catholic church is the most accepting of all religious groups, followed by main line protestants, (that’s really not a surprise). But the break down that did surprise is that the Pew Foundation considers “Historical Blacks” as a separate (i.e. segregated) group and not inclusive to the “main line” i.e. “white” protestant group.

So the body of Christ according to the Pew Foundation, is so fractured that there is no consensus amongst ourselves. While that is not surprising it is disturbing that the ‘anti god’ groups have more cohesiveness than we do. So united we stand, divided we fall.

We better get our collective Christian A$$e$ together, or we’ll be “Dietrich Bonhoeffered” soon. (if you don’t get that reference you are either to young or to ignorant.) yes I want that to be an inflammatory remark, if we don’t get upset and say screw tolerance we will be fenced in and have the mark on our forehead or be gagged and silenced forever.

Christians vs. the World, we have the worse president ever, a broken government, a voting system that no longer works, more people out of work than working, almost more illegals than any other identified group, inflation that almost rivals Peru during the ‘40s, and we are more like the three monkeys (blind, deaf, and mute, hey sounds like the book of Revelation) and score shows we are behind.

So again, be salt, be light, be loud.


God bless from, viva the revolution.





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