sometimes you dance, sometimes you march

January 4, 2016

vilon old and

When God created the heaven and the earth and all things that are upon the earth, He kept saying, “It was good” (Genesis 1:4, 10, 12, 18, 21, 25). Then when God created man in His own image He looked and said, “It was very good” (1:31). God rejoiced in His works. He was glad in what He had done.


Redemption is not a heavy work for God. God didn’t find Himself in a fix and have to rush off somewhere and try to get “foreign policy” straightened out with the archangels. God did what He did joyfully. He made the heaven and the earth joyfully. That’s why the flowers look up and smile, and the birds sing and the sun shines, and the sky is blue and rivers trickle down to the sea. God made the creation and He loved what He did!


Someone asked today why I’m so hard on pastors, after being the superintendent and president of a denomination for several years and having scores of pastors in for counseling (both voluntary and involuntary). Pastors like everyone else have feet of clay, shortcomings and out right meltdowns. They don’t get a free pass just because they are pastors, the only job tougher than being a pastor is being a cop and there are a lot of similarities between the two.


But even though God made everything perfect and good, when mankind fell, all of creation got bent out of shape and needs policing. Accountability breeds responsibility and that creates good management, sound practices and the understanding that we are all called to be submissive to someone.


 The moon and earth turn in such a way that we only see one side of the moon and never see the other. The eternal God is so vast, so infinite, that I can’t hope to know all about God and all there is about God. But God has a manward side, just as the moon has an earthward side. Just as the moon always keeps that smiling yellow face turned earthward, so God has a side He always keeps turned manward, and that side is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God’s manward face. Earth’s Godward side, Jesus, is the way God sees us. He always looks down and sees us in Jesus Christ. Then we go back to the quotation from Lady Julian: “Where Jesus appeareth the blessed Trinity is understood.”


Are you contented with nominal Christianity? If you are, I’ve nothing for you. Are you contented with popular Christianity that runs on the authority and popularity of big shots? If you are, I’ve nothing for you. Are you content with elementary Christianity? If you are, all I’ve got for you is to exhort you earnestly to press on toward perfection. But if you’re not satisfied with nominal Christianity, popular Christianity and the first beginnings of things and you want to know the Triune God for yourself, then stay tuned for our devotions this year. I hope you are excited about what God wants to do in your life.


God bless from


We are doing our prayer list a little different this year, each prayer request will be responded to individually, if you want your prayer request to be listed for prayer please request it.

The same for counseling, just send an email and the response will be back by email, if the problem requires more than a brief answer I can make a referral or if you’re an avid reader I can always suggest a book.

In special circumstances we do have a phone number we can give you for help.



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