brainsplatter (trey)

January 9, 2016

sugar coating

Feminists complain that the Bible is hopelessly immersed in a patriarchal culture that relegates women to an inferior status. In order to make the message of the Bible credible to the new world–consciousness we must therefore proceed to de-sex and depatriarchalize the language of the Bible.

Our task, they say, is to seek a more inclusive language for God that takes into consideration the feminine as well as the masculine dimension of the sacred. We should welcome new symbols for God such as “Womb of Being,” “Womb and Birth of Time,” “Primal Matrix,” “Empowering Matrix” and “Immanent Mother.

Ask my kids (both in their mid to late 30’s now) to repeat the mantra I told them the most they would both give the same answer; “I’m not here to be your best friend or buddy, I’m your dad.”

So feminist theology, I’m not a big fan of any group that claims they should have special rights, or their own study bible, or their own wording in the bible to make them inclusive or in reality exclusive.

God is fierce, let me tell you my slant. Preach a wimpy God and you get a wimpy church. There’s a hell that’s hot, Jesus spoke more about hell than any other topic, and he said more people were going there than to heaven.

Max Lucado, Joel Osteen, Norman Vincent Peale, Pastor John, the feel good pastor, Unitarian Pastors, any pastor that waters down the Word of God, any pastor who preaches the majority of the year about your rights, your feelings, your privileges.

Any church that devotes more time to worship than to preaching, singing the 7 same words, eleven different times. The pastor who doesn’t allow anybody to know how much money he makes, or owns the church building himself.

Pulpits that never use the words; sin, hell, dogma, theology, hermeneutics, or have open communion.

I’m either your new best friend, your worst enemy, or you think I’m intolerant.

Brainsplatter, my new word for the lobotomized church member who goes to church out of habit, socialization, the food, to ogle women, find a date or troll for children.

Hell, that’s why we are called scumlikeuschurch, hopefully you get the hell scared out you, your sins found out and you realize the cloak of night doesn’t cover your sins.

WWJD, Got Religion, the cult of familiarity with a Happy God, trajectory theology, name it and claim it, prosperity Christians, how come I can’t find any of that stuff in my bible, oh, yeah, it still says Holy Bible on the cover, what does yours say?

God bless from


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