Loving everyone

February 5, 2016


As believers, we must treat homosexuality as we do other temptations and sins. We need to be forthright and truthful as we present the truth of the Scriptures, but do so with humility and compassion, not a sense of condemnation or superiority.


Out of fear or taboo we often hide and fail to share the truth of the gospel with members of the gay community. Most of those in the gay community have never met a kind, nonjudgmental Christian who had the courage to share God’s love and plan of forgiveness and eternal life.


Just because a person is currently living in a homosexual lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that he or she is not open to the love and forgiveness of Christ. Our message is one of hope, deliverance, and love.


God so loves us all that He wants to protect us and provide the best for us. If you genuinely love your homosexual friend, you will risk the relationship in order to share the promise of forgiveness you have received for your own sin.


Imagine what it is like today to reach prepuberty or early puberty and have confusing feelings about your own sexuality. Unaware that these feelings are normal, imagine arriving to your health class at school and being confronted by the erroneous statistic that 10 percent (reality 1.7)%of the people in your class are homosexuals.

You are told these tendencies are genetic and therefore cannot be changed. Further, you learn that if you are having some feelings of same-sex attraction, you are probably part of the 10 percent. Obviously, this line of reasoning produces powerful effects in the lives of our adolescents. And it is false.

There are developmental periods when sexual identity is being formed. In this developmental period of sexual identity it is not uncommon to have an attachment to the same sex. That a young person has these feelings are told that they are gay. In the normal years of growing up, we all need to learn to bond appropriately with members of both sexes. Those who fail to bond, who are abused, or who lack significant role models, may search for satisfaction of those developmental needs in other areas.

This search may surface as homosexual feelings or as promiscuous behavior in an attempt to bond and be loved by others. These are temptations we have, they are not who we are. If a young person at the age of fourteen has a temptation to steal, this does not mean he is a kleptomaniac. Nor does it mean he is destined to be a career criminal. In the same sense, if a young person has a loving feeling toward someone of the same sex, it does not mean that he or she is gay. Feelings of friendship or closeness can be powerful and should not be equated with sexual attraction. To suggest this is to do a great disservice and promote a powerful myth.


Can you be a loving person as a Christian to the gay community? They don’t believe you can. We must show that we believe in the power of God’s love and that the Christian church can minister to those that have made that choice to be gay. We must fight the trend and false science that says they were born that way or the gay culture that says once gay always gay. We must intervene in our schools against the militant and radical agenda of the gay community to “convert” young and impressionable children with lies.



Homosexuality is condemned by the bible, so is over eating, fornication, pornography, lying, stealing, adultery, sex with animals, hating, murder. Hopefully you’re getting my point, it is one sin in a list of sins.



A great loving God, full of grace, mercy and compassion, wants His creation to live within His plan for wholesome sex, within the script of His reasoning, enjoying the sentence of life not death.


God bless from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com


Pray for Eddie, she is 14, pregnant and a run away


Michael, 49 and just found out he has aids


Robbie, she has just been diagnosed with MS.


For Jim, stage 4 cancer




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