strange love

March 30, 2016


How to challenge your pastor, the unorthodox method.


First; Don’t assume that if the church is large the pastor is living an excellent spiritual life.


Second; don’t assume that if the church is small the pastor is making mistakes.


One; pay your tithes or give generously


Two, attend all the services you can


Three show up for every work day


Four, volunteer as much as possible


Five; talk to your pastor after every service.


Now the challenge, take your pastor out to lunch or dinner at least every 6 weeks


Once you think you trust him and he knows all about you, confess to him your secret sin, your bad habits, the things that trip you up, your short comings, then see if his behavior changes for the better or the worse.

If for the worse, then stop 1-5; if for the better and he positively works to help you overcome those hurtles then take him out and ask him what his failures are.

If he refuses to share, challenge him, big pastors often have little minds, some pastors are not running a church they’re running a cult.

Good leaders lead by example.


Realize most pastors at some time have been betrayed, broken and bowed by the weight of horrible parishioners, your pastor may need healing, help that process. If you help your pastor grow, you will grow and so will your church.


God bless from


Feel free to agree or disagree with this process. But don’t go to church and do nothing, don’t be a bottle fed Christian. you don’t get results from church by just showing up.


Having been a pastor for over 40 years this advice may upset some folks, more often than not it helps grow a pastor.

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