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April 8, 2016

thinking over feeling

The 1980s witnessed the rise of the idea that because we are now in the kingdom, we should take dominion over Christ’s enemies, in essence running them out of town. This thinking has been around for a long time, but it has become dominant in many circles today. This error stems from the wrong view that we are currently in the kingdom/millennium instead of the church age.

Once again, proponents of this view confuse the characteristics of the future with those of the present. Those who hold this view suggest that because Satan and the demons will be gone during the kingdom, the church’s responsibility is to take the offensive and “run them out of town.” They tell us that if we will do this, territories that have been under the control of demons and evil spirits will be liberated, and this result will greatly facilitate evangelism, social reform, and godly political progress.



Dominion theology folks will post billboards saying: “Jesus is Lord over (name this city); and the belief that we can usher in the Millennium by winning more people to Jesus, it’s similar to the false premise Muslims have, that if they kill enough infidels the Caliph will come. Both are wrong, yet the adherents are like any other cult members, difficult to get them to see reason because they have to much emotion placed into their belief system to be rational.



The April 1990 issue of Charisma magazine featured cover stories on how to defeat “territorial spirits.” John Dawson, author of a new book, Taking Our Cities for God, contributed an article titled “Winning the Battle for Your Neighborhood: How you can drive away the demon forces now dominating the streets where you live.” Steven Lawson wrote on the subject “Defeating Territorial Spirits: Battles against evil spiritual forces controlling our cities can be waged and won.” Lawson gave many examples of dealing with territorial spirits, usually along the lines that a Christian ministry was ineffective in a particular area until the Christians tuned in to the fact that territorial demons were in control. Once they did prayer battle, they were able to identify these strongholds and force the demons to give up their territory. They allege that this action resulted in the outbreak of spiritual revival.



C. Peter Wagner of Fuller Seminary’s School of World Mission sees the defeating of territorial spirits as central to fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission. Wagner suggests that certain countries, such as Japan, that have had a low response rate to the gospel compared with similar countries could be bound by territorial spirits. If some brave soul could discern the location and nature of these spirits and break their stronghold, then such action could lead to a harvest of souls in Japan.


Just so we are clear, the above ideas are pure nonsense. Just like the word of faith folks, to much emphasis is placed on the power of the believer, faith becomes the object instead of God. Yet this false theology is still being taught more and more instead of less and less.



God can save His elect through the preaching of the gospel no matter what the spiritual climate. He is sovereign! In addition, the idea that we can run these so-called “territorial demons” out of town is based on an error in timing. This kind of offensive tactic is invalid during the church age, which is a time when God is “taking from among the Gentiles a people for His name” (Acts 15:14).



The offensive defeat of Satan and the demonic powers is something that awaits the end times, and will be accomplished not by Christians but by Christ Himself and His holy angels. This kind of dominion teaching impatiently confuses God’s defensive strategy for believers during this age with the offensive strategy of Christ and His angels during the age to come.



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