Puny Man

April 13, 2016

light vs darkness

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” He is the God of all creation. Therefore, He is the God of all power. And the word for, created here is the Hebrew word bara, B A R A. It’s used about fifty times in the Bible, and it always speaks of something that only God can do, that is, to make something out of nothing. Now, man cannot create. Only God can create. It means to make something out of nothing.


Hebrews 11:3. It puts it this way. “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made out of things which do appear.” Anything you make, you make out of something else, right? But the things that we see were not made out of things which do appear. By faith we understand it. The only way you will understand it is by faith. By faith we understand that by the word of God the worlds were framed. God spoke and it was so. Ex nihilo—out of nothing God made it all. And that speaks of the mighty, mighty power of God.


God stepped from behind the curtain of nowhere, and stood on the platform of nothing, and spoke a universe into existence. “In the beginning, in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” And as you look at His creation, my how amazed we ought to be.


Your body is made up of billions of cells, 300 billion cells in the human body. Paul Dody of Harvard University said that every one of those 300 billion cells is more complicated than New York City. And I hope yours is in a whole lot better shape. More complicated. One of those minute little cells, 300 billion in every human body, give or take a few. But you see, the cell, small as it is, it is not the smallest unit. Smaller than that is the atom. And the atom is mostly empty space. We think this is hard in substance, but you know, if you were to take the nothingness out of everybody, over the more than 4 billion people on the face of this globe, if you were to squeeze the emptiness out of it, you could put us all, all 4 billion plus, in a gallon pail. You see, we’re mostly nothing. You already knew that, didn’t you? The smallness—the smallness—of the atom.


And then you think of the vastness of the universe. Light travels at more than 186,000 miles a second, and if you were to catch a light beam and start traveling, you’d be at the moon in two seconds. Four years you’d be at the nearest star. traveling at 186,000 miles a second, you would go more than 10 billion years before you’d reach the edge of the known universe, and who knows what’s beyond that. The vastness of this mighty universe, and God spoke and it was so. And God made it all out of nothing.


Now, dear friends, when I say there are no proofs for God, I don’t mean there are no evidences for God. You understand the difference between proof and evidence? I mean, if you see a watch then you say I must be a watchmaker, right? What about the atomic clock of the universe? You think that just happened? These laws. Scientists don’t, create these laws; they discover them. They’re no more able to create them than Columbus was able to create North America. He discovered it.


You look at the water system of any city in the world. You say if there’s a water system there must be an engineer who designed it. What about the hydraulic cycle in the atmosphere, as God’s processes of hydrology go on. Do you think that just happened? We look at a building and we see these buildings, design and purpose. We say there must be an architect. Well, what about the human body? “For I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” the Psalmist says. Dear friend, as we look around everywhere we see that He is a God of might and miracle and power. He is a God of power and we see it in Genesis 1:1. The evolutionist believes it all just happened and that billions of years will turn frogs into princes. I don’t believe it.


You need to learn the difference between making something and creating something. People can make things. When you make something you take a simple form and put it into a more complex form. My wife can make biscuits, but she doesn’t create them. Now, she does it with creativity, but she does not create biscuits. She just takes already existing materials and put them together, and, therefore, she makes and bakes biscuits. She does not create them. You see, to create you have to make something out of nothing, and only God can do that.


I read in the newspapers a while back where the newspaper said, “Scientists Create Life in Laboratory.” Whoopee do. Let me tell you something, No scientist ever created anything. He can’t do it until he starts making something out of nothing. I’ve used this illustration before, but suppose your father is a master building. I mean, he’s a builder of fine homes, and you watch your father studiously, see what he has done. And then in your father’s absence you take your father’s building plans, you take your father’s tools, you take your father’s materials and you build a chicken coop. And then when you finish that chicken coop you stand off, stick out your puny chest, and say, “You see that chicken coop. That proves my father doesn’t exist.”


You see, that’s what men do when they come into the laboratory and take God’s materials, and God’s tools, and God’s methods and make some lifelike substances,

which are not life in the true form of the word. Rearranging by genetic engineering that which God has already brought into existence, that’s not creation. That’s making something, and in many instances it is distorting something. And I’m fearfully afraid of what mankind is able to do and what mankind will do with his so-called vaunted knowledge and wisdom. But only God has the power to create.


And we are created in His image, so don’t ever put yourself down or abuse yourself.


God bless from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com


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