lies, lies and more lies

April 22, 2016

sugar coating

many people today are engaging in a form of “spiritual warfare” that involves carrying on conversations and discussions with demons. In fact, some such people are teaching as fact information that they have learned from demonic sources, whether explicitly from a demonic statement or implicitly from the way they operated. Some people are being told the names of demons, the hierarchical order of demons, and how many and which demons supposedly rule over certain territories. Other examples of information learned from demons sometimes include what the demon is doing, why he is inhabiting a particular person, his intents and purposes, and general conversations. Because demons are liars and deceivers, how can anyone ever trust anything a demon would say? To engage in such practice is to come close to being involved in spiritism.


Walter Martin described spiritism as “the masquerade of demonic forces, who pretend to be departed spirits with the intent of deceiving through the power of Satan those foolish enough to believe the testimony of demons in preference to the authority of the Word of God Himself.” Because spiritism involves unauthorized communication with demons, this abomination is a very real possibility for those who are practicing the new spiritual warfare. This approach seems twice as risky in light of the many biblical warnings for believers to stay away from such things (Exod. 22:18; Lev. 19:26, 31; 20:6, 27; Deut. 18:9–12; Isa. 8:19).



My wife’s family was heavily involved in Spiritism and the havoc that it created in their lives was staggering. They got to the point where they would not consult a doctor unless “the spirits” told them it was ok; and the worst case was demonic possession of several relatives. It did not end well. Out of a very large family only three people came to know the Lord.



Don’t mess with it, don’t play with it, it’s not a game, stay away from everybody and anything even ministries that claim they’ve “talked” to spirits.


God bless from




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