No Secrets

May 8, 2016


The Christian walk, spiritual path, whatever you want to call it needs to be simple, well defined and doable. There are no secrets, no special revelations, it’s like the Nike ad “just do it” (I think it’s nike, I’m so sports retarded that I can only guess.)


  Yield yourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead” (Rom. 6:13).

  Deliverance from the reign of sin, and liberty in the life of Christ, are set forth as a doctrinal unit in Romans Six, Seven and Eight. This area of truth has but one key—the Cross. This is the great master key to spiritual life and liberty.

  When we begin to comprehend Romans Six, we know that our death in Christ unto sin was completed at Calvary. When we have been in Romans Seven for a time, we come to realize that we have been struggling to produce that which God has already accomplished for us in Christ. When we thereby come to Romans Eight, we know at last that the Holy Spirit will produce in our experience what God completed for us on the Cross and in Christ our life.

  “In Romans Six we see the foundation of our deliverance—the fact that we died with Christ; and also the conditions of our deliverance—that we reckon ourselves dead unto sin and yield to God as those that are alive from the dead. Romans Eight tells us the means and the method of our deliverance—that it is through the blessed Holy Spirit alone that we are actually delivered in everyday life, from sin’s reign; the moment we cease from all our own efforts and let Him do all the work, He will begin delivering us from the power of sin. How long it takes some of us to come to the end of our own efforts can be seen in Romans Seven!”


Just do it, live it, get up after every failure and there will be many, but just don’t give up.

God bless from

Ok, bible quiz give away, since google makes finding stuff to easy I’m going to put out a hard question, so here it is; what man on the day of his ordination went and hid because he feared the awesome responsibility of being a pastor?”

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Blessing everyone.


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