all systems go!

May 21, 2016


A person may easily know his sins forgiven, but it is a further truth to know that he himself has ‘died to sin.’ He finds this conflicts with his experience. Suppose I tell you a debt of a thousand dollars which you owed was paid by someone, it would not be a question of experience, but of simply believing my statement. Just so with God. He tells us our sins are forgiven, and it is a question whether we believe Him. But when He tells us we have died to sin, we look inside and say, ‘Ah, sin is still at work; how is that?’ A person must be taught of God to know really the truth that he has died to sin.


Easily taught, difficult to learn. So are the “big” truths of God. You could be a Navy Seal, or a Marine or a brain surgeon and have the utmost confidence in your skills, knowledge and execution of your duty. But the task, the day to day execution of actually believing that you also have been crucified with Christ and are dead to sin.


You can see why the score is 0-3, we look in the mirror and see what others don’t, the dark side peering out.


We sit in church and are both amazed and shocked at the thoughts that in 10 seconds run through our mind.

How often have you been in prayer and one moment praising God and the next your mind is remembering the foulest deed you’ve ever done. Yet none of this negates the truth of God’s word. In fact the struggle proves the point, it takes all of our effort to kill the old man.


And as I’m so fond of saying “and there’s the rub”.


We don’t have to try, that’s the devil’s lie, we just have to believe, and that is hardest moment by moment thing we could ever do.


God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of His Son Jesus Christ our Lord’ (1 Cor. 1:9). What believers need is the simple faith that the establishing in Christ, day by day, is God’s work (not our own)—a work thatHe delights to do, in spite of all our weakness and unfaithfulness, if we will but trust Him for it. To the blessedness of such faith, and the experience it brings.


So hang on to that moment when all the cylinders were firing and that perfect moment of peace and harmony happened. I promise it can happen again.


God bless from

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