not here, not now

May 22, 2016


it was my third active duty military assignment, I got off the bus in this sleepy little town and there was a sign, “no servicemen, no dogs, and no N_________.

while I was standing there a typical southern cop came up to me and said I could be arrested for spitting, staring or ,cause. Dumb me said “cause what?” it earned me a whack up side the head.

well there’s a better sign now, it’s the one that says; “Believer.”


So here’s the good news;


The Bible contains absolutely no indication that a believer can be bound by occult curses. many people today interpret events in their lives as the products of a curse. Yet, if this were possible, the New Testament would have provided us clear warnings and instructions on how to deal with such curses. Interestingly, curses are common fears of those who traffic within the occult world.

The superstition that a Christian can be cursed and must have the curse discovered and broken before he can have spiritual victory is now being taught in many Christian circles, but the Bible clearly teaches that because we are in Christ He protects us. Believers should be concerned about the influence of the teachings and beliefs from the occult but not about their spells.


I don’t care what story you’ve heard, what famous evangelist told you, or a bestselling book (it’s only good for toilet paper). there is no scriptural evidence of a curse being placed on Christians, bloodline curses, hexes or spells.


Does that mean you should mess with occult items with impunity, heck no. what fellowship does light have with darkness? (Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers, for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness?)None!


Which brings me to a completely different topic, which we will cover tomorrow; being unequally yoked.


God bless from


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Pray for Jimmie and he re-addiction to morphine


Ellie and her grief,


Frank and his unsolved, unhealthy grieving.


Barbie B. doctor appointment Monday for the Big “C” as she calls it.


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