still the same

May 25, 2016

the bible

We are calling on the body of Christ to reject the proliferating superstitions in Christendom. These beliefs are the products of human thoughts and experiences, but they cannot be verified from the Bible. Possibly the fact that so many people have recently been converted out of the occult explains why spiritual warfare in many circles increasingly resembles a “tit-for-tat” battle between two sorcerers. But the Bible says that our minds are to be renewed by God’s Word itself, not by the Word of God as interpreted from a non-Christian framework, especially a framework that has much in common with the occult.


I’m always disturbed that people will trust dreams and visions and “words of knowledge” before they trust and turn to the word of God. They will attend self help seminars that are rooted in new age or atheistic thinking, psycho babble and Christian guru’s that will cure you for $19.99; yet when their pastor tells them to do something they tell him it’s their “private life” and none of the churche’s business.

God has one business and one business only; being the all in all in your life. We are quick to forget that God is a jealous God, that’s not some forgotten Old Testament part of God not applicable to today. His nature doesn’t change. Stop blaming the devil or demons or curses, maybe the trial and rough patch you’re going through is directly from God.

Repent is still a present day principle.

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