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May 28, 2016


Number three on the list of asked questions; what do I do with anger.


We’ve had more emails today about anger than any other topic.


Sometimes anger is fear, fear of losing control, fear of change, fear of being different.


You can be addicted to being angry, like any other addiction it is a hard cycle to break. But it can be broken.


!!big one!! If you’ve had a recent change in any prescription or “herbal” remedy, and suddenly you have more anger see your doctor, ASAP



Ephesians 4:26 (KJV)
26  Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:


There are times when a believer may be righteously angry, for instance, when the character of God is impugned. In such cases anger is commanded: Be angry. Anger against evil can be righteous. But there are other times when anger is sinful. When it is an emotion of malice, jealousy, resentment, vindictiveness, or hatred because of personal wrongs, it is forbidden. Aristotle said, “Anybody can become angry—that is easy; but to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way—that is not easy.”


If a believer gives way to unrighteous wrath, he should confess and forsake it quickly. Confession should be made both to God and to the victim of his anger. There should be no nursing of grudges, no harboring of resentments, no carrying over of irritations. Do not let the sun go down on your wrath. Anything that mars fellowship with God or with our brethren should immediately be made right.



We don’t live in a perfect world, and though our devotions have dealt more with love than any other emotion; anger is a part of our lives. The bible shows that it’s ok to be angry as long as we don’t let our anger turn into a sin. We are to be angry but still have good behavior.


God bless from


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