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May 31, 2016


Folks I admire; I admire and frankly sometimes am a little bit jealous of people that grew up with good parents and or Christian parents. Never did drugs, or jail or satanic rituals or sexually abused or etc.


Sometimes when talking to some friends I make statements of assumption and it is countered by “I never did that” or “that never happened to me.”


I was reading the biography of one of the members of The Statler Brothers and he made the comment “I grew up saved” and never had to experience all the depravity and drugs and destructive life styles.

While I on the other hand lived the whole 3D life, drugs, depravity, and destruction, both to myself and to my loved ones.


Yet I know that I would never become the well-known, authored and respected scholar I am today because the road God put me on created what I am. If I were to pick a hallmark of my ministry it would be compassion. So when people come in for counseling I’m never shocked (hardly ever) plus I can look them in the eye and with all sincerity and honesty say “God can deliver from exactly this situation.”


I’m not always thrilled that the path was to often the wrong way and still have to deal with the “issues” of the past. There is no undoing what was done, but there is liberty and grace and forgiveness.


There’s also justice and often you still have to pay the price and yes it can be steep, but the same God is still there, taking you through the hard way.


Gratitude is to be planted, watered, dressed, and harvested. Gratitude gets at the very essence of what it means to be created, finite, fallen, redeemed, and sustained by the God of all grace.


If you are bitter or angry or even jealous, then you are not walking in gratitude. Don’t let these negative feelings and emotions take root. Start counting your blessings not your problems. If you tell me you don’t have any blessings to count then you are not a child of God, you need to refocus, remember and recount what God has done both to you and for you.


God bless from


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