Just a little talk

June 12, 2016

praying mom

Most believers never get serious about prayer until a problem occurs in their lives or in the life of someone they love. Then they are inclined to pray intently, specifically, and persistently.

Are you guilty of praying generic prayers, saying the Lord ’s Prayer because it sounds good, now I lay me down to sleep, or the odd bits of scripture you have memorized, or are you just ‘claiming’ stuff.

How many times have we heard in church; “I have an unspoken request”; it’s not because God is hard of hearing, but he wants to hear the real spoken need.

Intently; clearly, planned, stated with purpose

Specifically, it’s my foot not my head, not just ‘healing’ but what kind of healing.

Persistently, wow, that’s probably the one we fall short of the most, in this day of instant. I surprised someone hasn’t started a drive thru church, (I know there is a drive in church). You know like McDonalds, but only church; ‘could I have a bucket of blessings please, or one communion to go’; or we pass out squirt guns for baptism and tell them “make sure the top of your head gets wet or it’s not like immersion.

Spending time with God, what a novel idea, gee, what will they come up with next.

God bless from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com

Please send all questions, comments and prayer requests to the email address.

Tomorrow our bible quiz, for a new bible.

Continue to remember Gail and her divorce

Raber Hamadi; new Christian convert in S. Africa

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