July 4, 2016

sugar coating

Well it might seem a strange time of year for predictions (not prophecies) but here are some of mine.

  1. Hillary is going to win because both her husband and Obama proved you can steal an election.

  2. Just like Nazi Germany, Christians by 2020 will have to be branded, chipped and marked because of “our hate crimes”.

  3. The 0.03% of transgender, transsexuals will infiltrate all of the media and gain acceptance on the same levels of gays.

  4. Your child will be deeply psychologically harmed in a school or other restroom.

  5. The church will not be allowed to perform any marriages.

  6. You’ll lose your job because you made the comment; “that active, participating (ie.sexually active) gays can’t be Christians.

  7. There will be no more Christian colleges by 2020

  8. Bibles will no longer be publicly available for sale

  9. Good news, is the divorce rate has dropped to 40%

  10. If there are any Christian businesses, charities, non-profits, etc. they will totally give up all their ethics, Christian core values and all be staffed by 50% of the what Facebook now identifies as 56 different sexual identities other than heterosexual.

An all because YOU, weren’t concerned enough to learn how to effectively witness and share the Good News of Jesus Christ as Savior.

Happy Now? still meddling in every day life.

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