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July 15, 2016


If life is to hard to stand, then kneel.

Sometimes in the trials that hit us we feel powerless, so here is an exercise to break those feelings and move beyond helplessness.

“And we know that all things to work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose, because those whom he foreknew, he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that his Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.”

Romans 8:28-29


The words of Romans 8:28-29 are some of my favorites in all the Scriptures for they help me understand that God is at work in all the events of my life to make me more like Jesus Christ. Although the circumstances themselves may not seem good, God uses them for my benefit to make me truly a better Christian (more mature) through the things that come my way. As we consider trials this week, think carefully about the glory that God brings out of the ashes.

Day One Study

Reread 1 Peter 1:1-21 to see the flow of the passage and the context of what we will look at today.

  1. According to v. 6, we greatly rejoice “in this.” Go back through the 1:1-5 and list everything there in which you personally rejoice.

  1. What do you learn about the nature of trials in v.6? In other words, what are they like according to this verse?

  1. What is the final result of trials according to v. 7?

  1. As you pray for believers who are experiencing trials, what can you pray for them according to vv. 6-7? Write down some specifics from these verses.

It helps me to see that the Bible says that trials can be distressing. So often as believers we think that living joyfully means that there is no distress. Joy is an inward attitude, but it doesn’t rule out sorrow, pain, or grief. At times it helps me to turn to Scriptures such as this chapter in 1 Peter so that I am reminded of the reasons to be joyful. When I begin to get depressed over my circumstances, I need to refocus on Jesus and on His promises.

  1. Sharing question: Are you in the midst of a trial that is distressing you? What is it? Be prepared to share it with your group so that they can pray for you.

  1. Sharing question: Describe one way that you have found that helps you bring your focus back to God when you are in the midst of a trial.

Diamonds in the Word –In the Psalms we often see the distress caused by trials as the psalmist opens his heart before the Lord. Read Psalm 13, 22 (Much of this psalm is prophetic about Jesus but consider David’s feelings as he wrote these words), . Write down what you learn about pouring out your heart before the Lord from David.

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