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July 16, 2016


Proactively handling trials and personal tribulations Part two

The whole point of yesterday’s and today’s devotion was to make you think and be proactive in your bible study. Instead of me giving you all the information, yesterday and today you had to participate by looking up some things on your own. For some this was a new experience and from the feedback all good.

read 1 Peter 1:6-7.

  1. Verse 7 says that your faith may be tested by fire through trials. When you took tests in school, what was the purpose of the test? (Hint – It was not to get a grade!)

    Diamonds in the Word –Look up the Greek for tested (NAS & NKJV) or tried (KJV) in v. 7. Write down the definition.

In my education classes in college, I remember hearing that tests should also be teaching tools. The test itself can help the students learn. At the time I didn’t really believe that it could be true, but I remember an exam at seminary where I went straight home and looked up the questions that I had skipped. I had somehow missed the information and actually wanted to learn about them!

  1. Sharing question: Share with your group about a trial you have experienced that taught you while it tested your faith. Share what happened and what you learned as a result of that trial.

  1. Response to God: Write a prayer to God asking Him to help you learn what He needs to teach you through a specific situation that you are facing right now. Ask him to make you a more mature christian from what you learn.

Reread 1 Peter 1:6-21.

We saw in our Day One lesson that there are reasons to rejoice although we are dealing with trials in our lives. Peter talks about rejoicing later in this chapter.

  1. What can help you rejoice according to 1:8-9?

We also saw in yesterday’s lesson that we have been born again to a living hope (1:3). As Peter mentions trials, he also mentions hope. Sometimes we use the word hope to mean a possibility, a “hope” that something happens. That is not the idea of the hope here. The meaning of this hope is “Hope, desire of some good with expectation of obtaining it.”1 This kind of hope is one that you do expect to happen; it is not doubtful.

  1. According to 1:13, 21, what truths can give us hope?

    Diamonds in the Word – Use your concordance to find other verses about hope. What do you learn from them that gives you hope?

  1. Sharing question: Think of a difficult circumstance in your life right now. Perhaps you would call it a trial or perhaps just a difficult situation. How can the truths that you have learned here in 1 Peter about rejoicing and hope help you face this circumstance?

We do need to keep in mind that we are sometimes the cause of our own trials. We have sinned or just messed up and have created the consequences. Perhaps you are in deep debt because you have overspent, being enticed by materialism. You may have acted unwisely in dealing with other people and are left with problems in relationships. I know Christians who rarely consider their personal responsibility in their situations but tend to blame Satan for everything that happens to them. We will study our enemy more in the last lesson, but here we should understand that he is not all-powerful and that we are responsible for our choices and the consequences.

Yet, there is hope even when we have sinned and blown it!

Read Romans 8:18-30.

These verses can give us hope and reason to rejoice even when we have caused the problem ourselves. They teach us that God uses every situation to make us more beautiful because we become more like Christ.

  1. Romans 8:28-29 is our “Precious Word from God” for this week. Copy it below and memorize at least v. 28.

  1. Sharing question: Share with your group a time when you recognized the principles of Romans 8:28 as true, once you looked back on the situation.

  1. Responding to God: Write a prayer thanking God for His redemption of your mistakes. Think of a specific time when you created a bad situation and yet, He brought good from it. Thank Him for the good He will bring from your current trial.

    Diamonds in the Word – What Bible story could you use to illustrate the truths of Rom. 8:28-29? Explain your choice.

Blessings from

For all the new folks, comments, questions and prayer requests to address above please.

Pray for Katherine and Dyan as they deal with their mother (grandmother) and the fact she will now be never the same again and never independent.

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