Sum Total

July 21, 2016


So many people have the idea that God is going to grade on the curve. We say to ourselves, “We’re bad, but we’re not as bad as so-and-so.”

How many time have you witnessed to someone about the condition of their soul and there response is; “well, I’ve never killed anyone, or I don’t beat my wife, or I never cheated the IRS.”

Seriously, you’re going to base the eternal resting place of your soul on that?
But God doesn’t grade on a curve. He grades on an absolute standard of holiness. Can anybody say that they’ve kept all of God’s Ten Commandments? Of course not. But let’s suppose you had only broken one. What would happen? Well, let me illustrate. If a man was dangling over a fire by a chain of ten links and nine of those links were made of forged steel and one was made of crepe paper, what would happen?

That’s why I seriously recommend you read one book this year, Evangelism Explosion by Dr. James Kennedy. Don’t give me excuses that you don’t know how to witness or share your testimony, after reading this book you will become a super evangelist,, hey you might even find out you yourself need true salvation; it’s that important of a book.

Get It read it.

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