all in the family

July 26, 2016


types of Christians (over simplification)

The straight line Christian. Everything is normal, no battles with lust or wild mood swings, they accept that they’re not perfect. No highs or lows, not mentally or spiritually. >> this is God’s design, if you fit this example it’s ok. But realize not everyone is like you.

The melancholy Christian, always depressed no highs, they’re either legalistic (perfectionists) or anything goes because they’re never able to see the glass other than less than full and they fill ripped off (anger issues abound)>>> still made in the image of God.

The Tigger, hyper happy always smiling, never a trial, they ooze sweetness like a pudding pop. >>>they’re slightly schizophrenic, castles in the sky. >>>they’re most oft repeated mantra, “if only you had more faith”. (most likely to be found murdered in the church baptistery)>>> they’re  the church cheerleaders, we need them but hanging around them can make you spiritually diabetic.

This one might strike you as an odd classification; but just think about it. the sensual Christian. They intensely feel everything. They struggle with extreme highs and extreme lows, they are one day on the mountain, the next day jumping off a cliff. They are often the Elijah’s of the bible. They struggle the most with carnality, they wonder why the straight lines don’t feel like they do, they always have a cause or want to champion something but will often get bogged down and over whelmed >>>nobody needs more than a regular rest than they do. They burn out, and burn up.

The legalist, everything is a sin and the problem is everyone else

And we are all part of the body of Christ, there’s a lot of analogies I could give right here but let’s keep it simple. We need to love each other and accept each other and all of us need to learn the strengths and weaknesses of our family of God.

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