Not heresy

August 8, 2016


Trust me it’s not heresy, it’s out of the box thinking!

This would make a great New Year’s list of resolutions; but it’s not New Years. Today’s Christian must basically have two life goals; A; draw near to God and B; be a witness for God. It’s simple and logical. If we are intimate with God our lives will be a beacon, people will wonder at our joy, our peace and serenity. If we are not intimate with God people will think we are hypocrites, phonies, have a religion that no one wants and we ourselves will be either miserable or numb.

(1) gospel theologizing (all of theology must be an exposition of the gospel); everything we do must be about the gospel, we must be living testaments and understand its impact on our lives and on others.

(2) gospel realizing (we can “know” the gospel and yet not truly know the gospel); many are religious; few are truly His. The church is full of pretenders.

(3) gospel urbanizing (many Christians must move to the city, urbanize the gospel, and create strong versions of gospel communities); if you build it they will come. That’s no to say we should ignore rural gospel. Except the people still living in rural America can still be reached the old fashioned way.

(4) gospel communication (through evangelism that is intelligible, credible, plausible, thorough, progressive, and process-oriented); in the country talk about your feelings; in the city talk about your thinking.

(5) gospel humiliation (Christ’s power is evident through your weakness); be real, admit your sins, your failures, but also communicate your triumphs, hopes and victories.

and (6) gospel incarnation (within a pagan city God’s peopleare to be neither withdrawn nor assimilated but, rather, distinct and engaged).Salt and light, with a vocabulary that is not “gospel code words”. I would go as far as never using the words, saved, born again, or even Christian unless you can instead emphasize the relation with who Christ is, why God sent his son and why you believe the bible. If you can handle that intelligently then you will be more effective is separating yourself from the “gospel confusion”

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