said the spider to the fly

August 12, 2016


While most people are sleeping I’m up prowling around, I’ve always been a night owl. Even as a little kid I would pull the bed covers up over my head turn on the flashlight and read and listen to my little ham radio.

So around 11:30 pm I take my three dogs out for a walk around the yard. Now remember I live out in the middle of nowhere. So I usually walk with a red light so I don’t scare all the wild life at night that comes up to the water tanks to drink. Foxes, Axis deer, whitetails, owls, guinea fowl, some screech owls (that can scare the snot out of you when they let loose) and some Mexican Eagles might be roosting above my car or truck (you can tell in the morning).

But there’s one creature that really amazes me, you see we name everything, the plants, the animals they all have names; and in our yard are 9 tarantulas, we have two varieties, the Mexican tarantulas are huge about the size of your hand, and a more common tarantula that’s about the size of a peach pit. There are holes all over the yard and the small ones’ hunt at night.

We have one that we’ve named Henrietta, she is always by our front walk that leads to our north gate. She likes to hang out near our Moon Plants that only bloom at night and the brighter the moon the more flowers there are at night. Well these bushes have drip irrigation and between the porch light and the water, lots of bugs.

Well Henrietta has gotten so used to us walking by her, the dogs quit seeing her because she holds still and the red night light doesn’t bother her. Well tonight I put a small bug in my hand and just sat there, eventually she crawled up my hand.

So the moral of the story, she is desensitized to me and the dogs and vice versa. We don’t bother her and she doesn’t bother us. The same thing happens to us with sin. Do it enough and there’s no conviction, hang around and eventually it will entice you to get closer, stay longer, take the bait so to speak and then, your trapped.

If you’re lucky the price won’t be to steep or to painful. But there will be a cost.

Like the story of joseph and Potiphar’s wife in the Old Testament, when sin comes around you should run.

So don’t fall for the temptation of sin, flee, run, fight, or feel it’s sting.

Good night from Henrietta

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