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August 14, 2016

thinking over feeling

There are three factors that make Christian service unique in terms of whom we serve. Number one we serve a living God. Second, Christian service is unique in terms of its demands. When Christ invites a person to come and follow him he bids them come and die: let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. Third; Christian service is unique in terms of its rewards. There is laid up for me a crown of righteousness.

I am not a big fan of using the word religion although it must be used when we are in discussion with people about God. My preference instead is to use the word faith, if they ask if I am a Christian I say that I am a person of faith, in that I believe the Scriptures are true, inerrant, and infallible. I also then share the fact that man, all of humanity, every man every woman is totally depraved. And that it is this depravity that makes us dependent upon the substitution of Christ in that he took our place upon the cross and was punished for our sins by offering himself up as a perfect sacrifice, so a holy, just and righteous God could forgive us.

Which brings us to something unique within the faith walk, and that is we must learn as believers in the God of the Bible the paradox of finding through losing and living through dying, that this is what brings us all peace and rest and satisfaction for the person of faith in the God of the Bible.

Also in our discussion with people as we share our testimony we need to make sure that our testimony includes four items. Number one; our turning to God or our conversion to God is a supernatural event, without God’s saving action in Christ it would be impossible. Number two; without the convincing work of the Holy Spirit, meaning his conviction and his convincing the desire in our heart to repent and turn to God would not even be possible. Number three, without the use of the holy and inspired word of God that gives fallen mankind a frame of reference to be used as a more common understanding of God, and a framework of truth in which we are to think and live and exist. Without the inspired word of God and the source of truth that it provides for people of faith there would be no Christian walk. The fourth item is that without supernatural and the creative and the regenerative work of the Holy Spirit it is impossible for a person to have a conversion experience. Regeneration and conversion are related as cause is to effect. It is the Holy Spirit causing an overwhelming or inward desire to turn from sin as well as matching ability to believe in Christ.

This is the divine work of the Holy Spirit without it a person would never have the desire to believe and turn from their sins and repent in Christ. No matter how we share our testimony of how we became Christians or true believers or the unpopular term born again or saved, those four items referenced above must be the framework of our testimony otherwise we’re only sharing a story about an experience that will have no real meaning to anybody but ourselves. And it is possible that instead of winning people to the Lord we win people to ourselves when we do not use the skeleton or framework of a testimony of our conversion that is proper and direct and based on the word of God.

It is this very reason that many people shy away from sharing their testimony or witnessing is the fear that their knowledge of the Bible will be inadequate. We need to remember that the Bible tells us that at that moment the Holy Spirit is capable of giving us the very words we need to speak. We also need to believe that if a person has been drawn to us to ask about our faith that we should also believe that the Holy Spirit is convicting that person of their need and their desire for salvation and are being readied or primed for a conversion experience. But it must be based on that framework mentioned or they will be led in the wrong direction and the desires and the need of their heart will not be met because we’ve only shared story and not the facts of a holy truth.

Believe me, that as frail as the system seems, it is the “A” game of God to use us as the catalyst to get folks to know God. In spite of this being an electronic world, the most handy device in the world is a pocket size new testament. And you can write down in front cover the page numbers to read the salvation story; then highlight the verses so even with the bible upside down as people are reading it you will know what verses to share.

And as the old saying goes; “practice makes perfect”

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