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August 15, 2016

sugar coating

We’ve been talking a lot about witnessing and about soul winning and the use of specific vocabulary, or maybe more accurately vocabulary we shouldn’t use. I think it’s important that we address what it really means to be a Christian, or born-again, or saved, or a person of faith, and it’s important when we say a person of faith to realize we mean somebody who believes that the word of God is true and applicable to our life and that God as represented by the Bible as the authority to set a standard for our life.

We use the phraseology that there is an outside God, who has the right to direct our inward being and our outward person.

So there is no such thing as being a Christian without a genuine conversion event. No conversion no Christianity, conversion means that we turn from our self-directed life and we turn to God. And this seems to be the part that we have forgotten; if we are genuinely following God we are to forsake sin, which basically means denying the impulses of the self. It also means to stop having self serving conduct.

There is a prayer by Thomas A Kempis, that basically says” Lord you know if I am about to do something that’s not good for me so don’t let me do it”. That is basically my version of what he says not what is actually written. The prayer goes on to say also “Lord if there’s something that I want and it doesn’t draw me closer to you don’t let me have it.”

When we turn to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we need to realize that unlike some popular literature and theology that we accept him as both our Lord and our Savior at the same moment. There is no such thing as accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and then later except him as Lord. That is a false theology; we have to have the understanding that he is at the moment of salvation both our Lord and simultaneously our Savior; or we have not genuinely experienced a salvation event.

When we turn to Jesus we are accepting his death on the cross as a basis of God’s offer of mercy, forgiveness and compassion. Jesus was judged in our place so that God could extend his righteousness to us.

The conversion event is that we accept that we need a Savior our submission and acceptance of the gift that he offers us makes him our Lord and that gift is freely given with the understanding that it is totally unmerited and it is solely God working in us.

So the question that you have to ask yourself is did you have a specific conversion event? Meaning you can point to a date and time and just as importantly you were instructed that as a part of your conversion you would turn or stop leading your life only as you please.

This may seem rather elemental and basic and even redundant to mention this but in our modern tolerant society we have many people who are followers of Jesus Christ but are not converted. An extreme example of this is found in many homes of the people of India who have moved to America and it is their habit to collect god’s. And what they do is they learn the vocabulary of Christianity and they add Jesus as one more lucky charm to their Parthenon of god’s and hope that somewhere in their collection they have one that will either improve their karma or give them eternity, but they have not genuinely converted.

It is sad to say in our own country we have people that follow or consider praying to God as though he is a lucky charm or a sugar daddy or just a good buddy and they do not see him as totally holy and without sin and has the right to judge and reward or condemn.

So take a moment to reflect and look back. Do you have a definable conversion experience? I know some people were always saved, they grew up in church and were always a Christian. I’m saying that’s not possible.

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