I would be god

August 18, 2016


One of the chief contentions of the gnostics (early Greek thinkers) in their polemics against the church was that “knowledge,” in their understanding of
it, is superior to “faith.” They might as well have said that they were
pursuing spirituality, rather than religion, for that is what they meant.
They were opposed to a doctrinally shaped and governed Christianity.
They were instead pursuing enlightenment through the self, for this
kind of understanding, they believed, was itself revelatory. This did not
mean that they always eschewed organized religion, for some gnostics
entered the churches and suggested that they were the most authentic
realization of Christian faith. However, for them the church was never
more than a means toward the end of their pursuit of psychic knowledge, a circumstance being played out again in church after church in
the postmodern world where consumer habits have hooked up with
therapeutic orientation that now is subjugating religion to spirituality
and spirituality to private choice.

What happened then is happening now. Church marketing is more important than the gospel. When interviewing for a position of pastor you are asked if you’re published, and how can you be marketed. It’s not about the calling or even your sermons. (although in one retirement town I was asked how good were my funerals).

When even the president of the U.S. is saying religion is private and ok to be practiced at home. People are once again in search of either an experience (feelings) or enlightened, which is the height of Gnosticism, I think therefore I am important, my thoughts, my feelings over the structure of scriptures.

I hear to often scripture quoted out of context, to the point where we have named ourselves god. You can’t tell me I’m doing something wrong because religion is personal, no one outside of myself can tell me what to do or how to think. Hhhmmmmmmmmmm, the garden of Eden all over, pride and self-importance trump being abased and humbled before an almighty God.

So many prayer requests, mainly pray for healing and a closer walk to God. Our prayer team has been hard at work.

Blessings from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com

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