only one place

August 19, 2016


In every room of my house there is always a bible and a copy of “The Imitation of Christ” by Thomas A. Kempis. There’s a copy in my car and on my kindle. Next to the bible there is no other book that will develop you into a mature, sound thinking Christian. No, it’s not the easiest book to read and it will prick your conscience (if it doesn’t you’re not a believer).

WHATEVER I can desire or imagine for my own comfort I look for not here but in heaven. For if I should have all the world’s comforts and could enjoy all its delights, it is certain that they would not long endure. Therefore, my soul, could not enjoy full consolation or perfect delight except in God, the Consoler of the poor and the Helper of the humble. Wait a little, my soul, wait for the divine promise and you will have an abundance of all good things in heaven. If you desire these present things too much, you will lose those which are everlasting and heavenly. Use temporal things but desire eternal things. You cannot be satisfied with any temporal goods because you were not created to enjoy them.


Pray for Vickie and breast cancer

Ronald for surgery on his knee

Veronica who has strayed far from God and is having a hard time believing she can come back.

Sally M. colon surgery

Dave I, prostate cancer

And for Paul k, needs healing for so many things.

God bless from

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