bable again

August 20, 2016


THE WHOLE IMPORT and substance of the Bible teaches us that the God who does not need anything nevertheless desires the adoration and worship of His created children.

This conclusion is more than a matter of proof texts. Our Lord Himself said it plainly and with certainty when He was here upon this earth. “Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve” (Luke 4:8).

There is not a tribe in all the world that does not have some kind of religion and some form of worship. Men and women have an instinct toward worship.

The fact is that God made us to worship Him, and if we had not fallen with Adam and Eve, worship would have been the most natural thing for us.

Sinning was not the natural thing for Adam and Eve, but they disobeyed and fell, losing their privilege of perfect fellowship with God, the Creator. Sin is the unnatural thing; it was never intended by God to be in our nature.

Have you ever given thought to the words of our Lord Jesus Christ when He referred to a certain group of religious people in His own day with the comment: “They worship they know not what”?

I dare to tell you that Jesus was actually emphasizing a very cogent truth about worship. It is entirely possible for humans to have recognized forms of worship apart from Christ and apart from the salvation He offers.

There are certain kinds of worship that God will not accept, though they may be directed toward Him and meant to be given to Him.

More tomorrow. think about it. you may have guessed by now that true and proper worship to me is a big deal. other than stupid sermons by empty heads, false worship and experience trumping biblical reality is a big deal to me.

Blessings from

Pray for Wilma, she fell three days ago in her bath tub and they just found her today, alive but dehydrated and concussed.


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