right worship part 1000

August 22, 2016

praying mom

There are many kinds of worship that God cannot accept. Cain’s worship in the Old Testament was not accepted because he did not acknowledge the necessity of an atonement for sin in the relationship between God and fallen man.



Cain hoped to please God in worship, but he brought no blood sacrifice. He came instead with an offering “of the fruit of the ground,” probably beautiful flowers and a basket of fruit.



When God frowned on his gift, Cain’s attitude and answer seemed to be, “I don’t know anything about this sin-and-atonement idea.” God’s rejection of his offering and His acceptance of Abel’s “firstlings of his flock” made Cain so angry that he went out and killed his brother.



The kind of worship Cain offered to God has three basic and serious shortcomings.



First is the mistaken idea that God is a different kind of God than what He really is. This has to do with the person and the character of the sovereign and holy God. How can anyone ever worship God acceptably without knowing what kind of God He really is? Cain surely did not know the true character of God. Cain did not believe that the matter of man’s sin was eternally important to God.



Second is the mistake of thinking that man holds a relationship to God that in fact he does not. Cain casually assumed that he was deserving of acceptance by the Lord without any intermediary. He refused to accept the judgment of God that man had been alienated from his God by sin.



Third, Cain in the Old Testament record, and with him an unnumbered multitude of men and women since, have mistakenly assumed that sin is far less serious than it really is. The record is plain, if men and women would only look at it and consider it. God hates sin because He is a holy God. He knows that sin has filled the world with pain and sorrow, robbing us of our principal purpose and joy in life, the joy of worshiping our God!



The kind of worship offered by Cain is inadequate, without real meaning. Bringing it as an issue to our own day under the New Testament, I assure you that I would not knowingly spend an hour in any church that refuses to teach the necessity of the blood atonement for sin through the cross and the merits of the death of our Lord Jesus Christ!



Which brings us to what do you worship in church? Is it yourself, or one chorus sung 11 times, of “gee God you’re lucky to have me”. The early church only sung the psalms, you can’t go wrong there. It was the Wesley brothers that started the church off the path of psalms and into a new form of worship. Their one criteria; biblical soundness, theologically correct songs.



We have strayed far from that, some worship songs sound more like generic love letters written by kindergarten kids. No depth, no meaning but they make a great video. Well I have to stop, I could write 100 pages on all the lousy, worthless worship, and church marketing and we can’t sing unless we’re paying some guy 100k a year to set it to power point and have a coordinated light show. Shame on us for needing entertained than humbleness. (ok, I’m stopping).



Right worship, right reason, right spirit, right meaning.



Blessings from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com


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  1. saw your blog notice hope all is well and we are praying the move goes well

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