August 23, 2016


Flippin frogs,

No, that’s not a misprint, I spent a good 20 minutes tonite flippin frogs. Here’s the back story.

So it’s 1030 at nite, I’m out walking the dogs around the property for their bedtime stroll; it’s supposed to be about a 10 minute walk. But oh no, with all the rain we’ve had I’ve got frogs everywhere. And instead of the dogs “doing their duty” their frog watching.

The American Bulldog lays down and stares at them, the Belgium Malinois puts them in her mouth until she sees the next one and repeat, and our Neapolitan Mastiff, sits on them. I get to laughing and then frustrated because nobody has done their business and I can’t go in until they do.

So what do I do, I get my garden shovel and flip the frogs over the fence. You have no idea how hard that is or how many tries to get them to the fence. I can’t bend over and just pick them up because of my back; and trust me frogs don’t want to get on a shovel and get tossed into space.

And there’s my wife looking out the upstairs window about to go blind from laughing so hard.

Flipping frogs, it’s a lot like our prayer life, call it frogs or your mind wandering or distractions. But how often have you been in the middle of prayer and your mind goes from; “oh God your…..frogs, health, payments, tasks, people….God your so……, you get my point. Is there an answer, nope, it’s never going away, just flip faster and get back to prayer.

I’m sure God is laughing too!

Blessings from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com

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