I sell Jesus

September 1, 2016

Treasure after

I sell Jesus

Now that may be a weird way to start a devotion but let me explain. I live in S. Texas, and it’s hot, like it can kill you hot. So I make sure I keep at least 1-2 cases of water in my car. Half in a heavy duty cooler and the rest in a box. I take rubber bands and put my business card on each bottle. So when I see someone broke down, or a flat tire I stop and give them water. If they are very elderly I will change the tire or take them into the next town (it’s a long way in between towns). See I sell Jesus.



If I see a state trooper or sheriff or police officer, I pull up to them with my window down and with the bottle of water in my hand extended out the window. If they’re in a talkative mood I give them a book I keep dozens in my car; “Henry Drummond’s- The Greatest Thing in the World.” Then I ask if I can pray for them. It’s amazing the looks, the gestures and what happens. See I sell Jesus.



When I’m gas stations and I see a mom struggling with dirty, messy kids I hand her a travel pack of baby wipes with my business card taped to it and maybe some water, which they usually use to wash, wipe or clean the kid or the car or the dog. See I sell Jesus.



So today I’m at the gas station filling my car and all of a sudden I see a woman at the next gas pump and it looks like someone is trying to pull her in through the window of this ford expedition. Her body is shaking and she’s screaming like a banshee going through a blender. I have my gun concealed on my hip under my shirt and I start to go around the gas pump wondering if this is going to end up with me shooting someone.



When I get to her side of the car I see a seven-year boy with his hands locked in his mother’s hair and his teeth are clamped down on her nose. I mean like a pit bull with a chew toy, only it’s her nose. Around the other side of the car comes a sheriff and he sees me with my hand on my hip, and the kid biting his mother. I step back and raise both hands. He pulls his Taser walks over to the kid and yells at the kid like a drill sergeant to a new recruit on the first day boot.

The kid lets go, rolls up the window and hits the lock.

The sheriff comes over to me and says “pastor get back in your car but don’t leave.”



He goes over to the mom says something to her, she nods her head, he turns her around and pulls out his hand cuffs. Down goes the window and the kid shouts; “don’t you hurt my mom.”



Faster than a tick on a dog, the officer grabs the kid and pulls him out of the car.



The mom (with no cuffs on) comes walking toward the kid, the kid throws his arms around the officer’s neck and yells, “she’s going to kill me.” The officer puts him down rather firmly and squeezes his shoulder. The mom bends down and say’s; “Tommy, I’m going to let the officer keep you.”



You should have seen the look on the kid’s face and the officer’s.



“no, Mom you can’t”



She starts to walk around her car, the officer looks at me, I head for the mom and explain how social services and the child protection act works and how much this is going to cost her in court. She yells through the window; “dump him in the car”. The officer walks over to the driver’s window and says; “you’re not going anywhere until we talk.



Officer Ridley comes over and says, “pastor this ain’t one of yours’s is it?”



30 minutes later off drives the mom and the officer ask which one of us have the tougher job. I say “I do, I can’t shoot the kid.”



We talk for a while and we pray and off we go. I sell Jesus.



Witnessing to folks is more about your behavior than your talk. You know actions speak louder than words. You can sell Jesus.

God bless from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com



Comments, questions and prayer request to the email address please.


3 Responses to “I sell Jesus”

  1. Monochrome nightmares said

    An excellent post.
    You actually carry a gun?
    Here in London, not even the
    regular police carry guns.
    And you are a pastor?

  2. after 20 years as a prison chaplain, i still carry the same gun, 2 years as a treasury agent, the same gun, and now, the same gun, putting on a gun is the same as putting my wallet in my pocket. I believe that we have a God given right to defend and protect ourselves and our family. I know that America is different than London, and especially here in Texas where 2 million people are gun owners. in ohio and pennslyvannia 8 out of every 10 homes have a rifle or shotgun. I used to ride my bicycle to school with my .22 rifle tied to my bike, take it down to leave in the principle’s office, after school pick it up and go hunting for squirrels or rabbits for dinner. but that was a long time ago.

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