September 3, 2016


Don’t be surprised by this, I’m not really a fan of Theodore Roosevelt. Even though I’ve read everything he or his son (Kermit) has written. I’ve lost count of the books about him that I have also read. It may seem strange to have studied someone that you dislike and sometimes immensely. Yet there are rich nuggets of gold in his life and much wisdom.


If you’ve read my devotional posts for any amount of time you probably have an opinion or image of me in your mind. Regardless of the opinion or image I can tell you one thing that is very true about me; I have failed often in every aspect of my life. That’s not shame or pride, just a hard cold fact.


But there is another side to this picture, after each failure, I try again to do what is right, just and required of me. That is the source of not being defeated, spiritually or mentally. I know I say this often but I’ll say it again. Don’t give up, never despair, always have faith, even if it’s just the tiniest amount. The trials, circumstances, pain, embarrassment, suffering it all ceases sometime. Even though it may be just for a moment. There is the promise of God for rest, peace, no more pain or suffering.


Sometimes the victory comes by not looking at the present moment but the promised future.

God bless from

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 Pray for Ann, she’s had another fall

Pray for Dan S, that he would end the hate in his life and forgive.

For Jody P, needs the Lord to give her peace and contentment.

Paul K, healing

Matthew and Rosie, victory in the midst of very sore trial.

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