a grateful spirit

September 17, 2016

praying mom

Paul says we’re to “give thanks in all circumstances” (1Th 5:18). Is he saying we must be thankful for the troubles we endure?

  No. If you look closely you’ll see that Paul is not telling you to be thankful for these things; rather we are to be thankful in our circumstances. There is a major difference between being thankful for every situation in life and being thankful in those situations. He challenges us to find reasons to be thankful even in the worst of struggles.

  Here are three reasons believers can give thanks in troubled times:

  1. God is sovereign—As Christians, we can be thankful that we are children of the sovereign Lord. Even when our lives seem to be spinning out of control, we can trust that God is fully in control and he uses troubles to help us mature and make us complete. As James writes, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance” (Jas 1:2–3).

  2. We are not alone—No Christian ever goes through times of trouble alone. We are united not only with Christ but also with fellow believers through our union with Jesus. Our Savior does not remain outside of us, simply leading the way to a better life, says Michael S. Horton. Rather, “We live in him and therefore in and for each other.” Letting others know of your trouble allows them to help share your burdens.

  3. We have an intercessor—Job was innocent, and he knew God was aware of his innocence. Yet God seemed to be treating him as if he were guilty. This made Job so distraught that he no longer wanted to live (see Job 2:1). Job had no “defender” (see 5:4; cf. 5:19), no mediator (see 9:33), “witness,” “advocate” (16:19), “intercessor,” “friend” (16:20) or “redeemer” (19:25) to come to his aid. What Job needed was an intercessor like we have in Jesus (cf. Lk 1:74; Ro 7:24; Gal 1:4; 2Ti 4:18; 2Pe 2:9).

No matter what the ordeal, someone has gone through the exact same thing at some time and they survived, it may have been at a great cost, but they came through. That’s why you have to share, be accountable, if need be seek counseling. A mature, seasoned counselor will have heard it all and be able to comfort you with the knowledge you’re not alone, nor the only one.

God bless from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com

Pray for Wilma, still in a nursing home and complaining every second

Pray for Billie and Willie, for a blessing and a rest.

For Norma,, at 97 she’s still driving and active but her memory will probably go first, fast and soon.

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