September 21, 2016


Once and for all times

I have come to Jesus by faith (John 1:12). Because of this, I am made a member of His family. In this position, I am justified. As one who is justified, I am declared innocent and righteous. I am no longer guilty before the Father and He has covered me with the righteousness of His Son. I now have clothing fit for heaven. I probably don’t feel it, but it’s true. I don’t need to feel it for it to be true. I simply need to believe it. And the glory of this is the sufficiency of His work and offering. It is forever! See Hebrews 10:14, once again. His one offering need never be repeated! My salvation is assured. Throughout the Greek text, the word apax is used. This word means “once for all,” and that’s the emphasis of the Hebrews passage. God has perfected forever those who believe. We have perfect standing before Him because we are justified. So justification is a legal declaration by God that I am no longer guilty. I am innocent. It is also a declaration that I am just as righteous as His Son because I am covered with Christ’s righteousness.

The Grow Up Part

The doctrine of sanctification. This is how the world and I see me on a day-by-day basis. This is the growing part of my life in Christ. The original text says those who are perfected forever are “being sanctified” (being made holy). Although sanctification has a positional aspect—we are set apart for Christ—it has practical aspects as well. I am in the process of being sanctified. Sanctification begins the moment I place my faith and trust in the Lord Jesus and it continues on until the day I am with the Lord.

Get Involved

Although I have been made a new creature in Christ Jesus, this has not exempted me from the trials of daily life. I turn to the Word of God for further understanding and I find myself increasing in knowledge. The Word is sweet to my taste and there is a preciousness about it I have now discovered. It has become “the joy and rejoicing of my life.” I begin to learn how to “walk in the Spirit,” to allow this Heavenly Guest Who lives within me to manage my life. I have not relished the ideas of being controlled by anyone to this point in my life, but now it seems reasonable in the light of confessing Him as Lord, to let Him be my Lord and God.

This is new and strange to me, and I must learn how to do this. I learn to acknowledge my sin and confess when I fail Him (1 John 1:9). I am involved in a process when I enter the state of “being” sanctified. This is far different from my standing which is perfect and settled once and for all—it is very unsettled and imperfect.

Being a Christian is messy, really, there’s still guilt and shame, there are mistakes and misunderstandings, people we bare our souls to that rat us out and then can’t figure out why we want to leave church. There are churches that tell us stand up and others to sit down, raise your hands, now don’t, rules no rules. And after a while we can mix up this “stuff” with our idea of salvation and then we are on the rocks. Whew!

Being saved is easy, it’s the walk, the sanctification that’s hard.

My Choices

My sanctification, is a matter of growth or degrees. It is highly relative. What I am actually involved with is working to bring my state nearer the level of my standing. In the course of these workings, which will take a lifetime, I will have many ups and downs. I will slip and fall, but the Lord upholds me with His hand. I will learn to walk in the Spirit only to make choices that again involve carnality. Hopefully I will learn lessons from each failure that will enable me to follow the Savior more closely. As I make the Scriptures a part of my life, I will be cleansed, John 15:3, Psalm 119:9,11. But at best, my state is characterized by many failures, yet hopefully a gradual movement toward a perfection that will be mine when I am with the Lord. At that point, the process of sanctification and glorification is complete

The key word here is gradual.

Blessings from

Pray for Mary R.. healing of the hurts caused by the church,

Sally P, she’s a 33 year old runaway, back on Heroin and left behind 3 kids with her grandparents.

Scott, 41 and fell off the wagon after 9 months of sobriety. But has checked in to a clinic this time.

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