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September 25, 2016

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Thursday on Saturday (it was such a screwball week I forgot the Nehemiah post for Thursday.

What are characteristics of godly leaders? As we look at Nehemiah, we see a man who had a burden for the people of God. He was over 800 miles away in the Kingdom of Persia serving as the king’s cupbearer. It would have been very easy for him to feel like he couldn’t do anything to help or that he could only pray; however, he not only prayed, he also volunteered to help.

The city of Jerusalem’s walls were broken down and Israel wasn’t practically a nation anymore, as they were scattered throughout the world. Years earlier, there were two migrations back to the land of Israel led by Zerubbabel and then Ezra. They had rebuilt the temple and begun a renewal of worship. However, a great deal of work still needed to be done, as the walls of the capital city lay in ruins, leaving it an easy target for looters. Therefore, God calls Nehemiah to continue the work of restoration in Israel.

God is still looking to raise up leaders to rebuild walls around the world: to restore Christians, churches, and nations to himself. What are characteristics of godly leaders—leaders with character, who tackle God-sized tasks for the Lord? How can we become a leader that God uses? Commentator Donald Campbell found twenty-one principles of effective leadership.1 However, in this study we will only consider ten.

Godly Leaders Are Patient and Respectful towards Authority

Godly Leaders Practice a Lifestyle of Prayer

Godly Leaders Are Valuable Followers

Godly Leaders Are Planners

Godly Leaders Are Humble, and Therefore, Experience God’s Abundant Grace

Godly Leaders Practice Intentional Solitude

Godly Leaders Practice Critical Examination in Order to Build

Godly Leaders Work Hard

Godly Leaders Motivate Others

Godly Leaders Should Expect Opposition

Each one of these qualities are illustrated in the book of Nehemiah, take time to reflect on these, in some way each and every one of us is a leader; maybe not a Fortune 500 company, maybe just as a peer or a spouse. Remember one thing, leaders will all have to answer to God on how they led.

God bless from

Remember Matt and Rose in prayer, just when you think the storm has passed, bam another crisis. They are learning some tough lessons, pray also they stay tender hearted after all this is done.

Remember Vickie and her ongoing fight against cancer.

Pray for frank, 12 years of grief and depression have robbed him of any joy.

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