September 26, 2016

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Imagine you’re walking by a theater when you’re called to join a three-act play already in progress. You’re told you are playing the part of a character on a journey, and when you step on stage you’ll be expected to ad-lib your part in a way that makes sense within the context of the drama.

What would you do?

Most likely you’d ask the director for more details. What is the story? What is your role? Where is your character headed? Is the play in the beginning (the first act) or near the end (the third act)?

We all face a similar situation. We are born into a world where the story is already in progress and we need to orient ourselves to what is going on. A few of the key questions we need answered are: Who are we? What is our role the world? What should we be doing? Where are we time-wise in the story—near the beginning or near the end?

Knowing what story we are in and where we are in it is fundamental to spiritual formation. It affects nearly every spiritual discipline, from understanding Scripture to spreading the gospel

Here are three reasons why understanding the Bible as a single story is necessary for spiritual formation:

  1. Because the story explains and illuminates our missional role—The whole Bible renders to us the story of God’s mission through God’s people in their engagement with God’s world for the sake of God’s whole creation.

  2. Because knowing the true story protects us from false stories—“The question is not whether the whole of our lives will be shaped by some grand story,The only question is which grand story will shape our lives. Only by knowing the true story in all its fullness can we inoculate ourselves from false stories.

  3. Because the story is all about Christ—The entire Bible is one story, and Jesus is the main character. As Jesus said, the Scriptures testify about him (see Jn 5:39), so if we are to become like Christ we need to see Jesus in all of Scripture

You have a Story, how you were lost and then saved, how the Lord answered a prayer, how a bible verse changed your life. Don’t sell your self short and think you have nothing to add to the Christian narrative. Keep a journal, tell someone what God has done in your life.


God bless from

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