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September 28, 2016

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I want to talk about faith some more as it is a very important part of our core as believers.


So the object of faith is and must be God; and the origin of faith is God, not faith in faith but faith in God.

So the three elements of faith are; knowledge as we mentioned in a previous devotion if you want your faith to grow, study the Word of God (not commentaries and books by great and popular authors) but as the Prophet Jeremiah said: chapter 15:16 Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart, for I am called by your name, O LORD, God of hosts.

Second; be in agreement with the word of God, after 35 years of being a Biblical counselor I was constantly amazed at how Christian people could screw up their lives, their children, their walk with God by simply not following the laws, precepts and statutes of the Word of God. We must as the apostle said

That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God; Colossians 1:10

Walk the walk, talk the walk.

And third trust, trust God that this works, Jesus said to be like little children.

So that brings to THE VERSE;

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

The Niv version instead of the word “substance” uses the word; “realization”

The Nasb version (my personal favorite) uses the word; “assurance”

Faith is the only mandatory and essential initial response of man to the grace of God. A man void of faith cannot please God (v. 6 ). Faith is the nominal form of the verb “to believe.” “Faith” is pistis (Gk.), while “to believe” is pisteuein (Gk.). Both connote the idea of “trust” and “confidence.” Justification is the result of the believer’s faith in the grace of God and in His provision for salvation ( Hab. 2:4 ; Rom. 3:28 ; 4:3 ). The lives of the biblical heroes and heroines enumerated in this chapter reflect the behavior that God approves. The text affirms two primary characteristics of faith: (1) Faith is the substance ( hupostasis, Gk.) or foundation of things for which we hope (see note in center column). The meaning is that faith is the solid, unshakable confidence in God which is built upon the assurance that He will be faithful to His promises. (2) Furthermore, faith is the evidence at work in life itself that God and other unseen things do in fact subsist. However, this does not imply that faith is a blind leap in the dark. Rather, faith is a confident commitment to One about whom abundant evidence bears ample testimony. Faith is a leap—a leap forward into light and comprehension.

So go build your faith by knowing God better, turn off the radio, the tv preachers, and read the word, devote your life to it and watch your faith grow.

God bless from scumlikeuschurch@gmail.com

(to those that follow on twitter, this new computer will not let me post there  so i’m trying to work it out)

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