run, run as fast as you can

November 3, 2016

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A couple of days ago we talked about a wild God, today it’s the God who

Chases; here’s the idea;

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.” Psalm 23:6

Goodness and mercy will pursue you all the days of your life. That’s what the word “follow” literally means in Psalm 23:6—to pursue.

So the word follow is really chase after, pursue, hunt. God is like a bounty hunter or skip tracer, no matter where you go he will follow. You can fall into the deepest pit and believe you are unreachable, not to him that chases.

Jesus pursued you with His call of salvation, and He will continue to pursue you. His goodness and mercy are like two sheep dogs that follow the flock to assure there is safe journey to the Shepherd’s final destination.

How many times have you questioned God’s provision in your life and wondered if He really cared for you? Well, there’s no question here. It says surely, not hopefully. Yes, you and I will stumble, but He will pick us up.

How would you live differently today if you knew that grace and mercy were going to follow your every step?

How fast can you run? Do you think you can out run God?

The God who created the wind,

 is chasing you,

you might as well give up

for he never grows weary,

nor does he sleep.

He created the darkness

His sight pierces the deep

His voice can split a mountain

His blood washes

White as snow.

Do you really think,

You can run away from Him?

God bless from

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