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November 24, 2016

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This thirteenth chapter of the book of 1 Corinthians is frequently called the “Love Chapter.” In this passage, Paul says love is the greatest of the virtues and that without love, the value of spiritual gifts is greatly diminished. He also explains what love will and will not look like in the life of a believer by listing seven things love is and nine things love is not.

 According to Paul, love is patient, kind and rejoices in truth. Love is always protecting, trusting, hopeful and persevering. Love is not envious, boastful or proud; is not easily angered, self-seeking or dishonoring of others; is not a keeper of grudges or a delighter of evil; is never failing.

 From this chapter, we gain significant insight into love. But to fully understand Biblical love, we need to look to the teaching of the Bible as a whole. Here are 11 more things the Bible says about love:

  1. The greatest love in the universe is the love within the Trinity (see Mt 3:17; 12:18; Jn 3:35; 5:20; 10:17; 15:9–10; 17:23–26).

  2. Our greatest love is to love God with all our heart, mind and soul (see Mt 22:36).

  3. Our second greatest love is love of our neighbor (see Mt 22:39).

  4. The whole Old Testament Law is summed up by the word love (see Lev 19:17–18; Mt 19:19).

  5. All commandments in the New Testament are summed up by the command “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Ro 13:9).

  6. Love is the crowning virtue, the consummation of all other virtues (see Gal 5:22–23; 2Pe 1:5–7; Col 3:12–14).

  7. Love includes both outward deeds and inward attitudes (see Lev 19:17–18).

  8. Love must extend even to our enemies and those who persecute us (see Mt 5:44).

  9. We are called to love God’s commandments (see Ps 112:1; 119:35,47), his law (see Ps 119:97), his will (see Ps 40:8), his promises (see Ps 119:140) and his salvation (see Ps 40:16).

  10. We are called to love the good (see Am 5:15), mercy (see Mic 6:8), truth and peace (see Zec 8:19) and wisdom (see Pr 4:6).

  11. Love is the distinguishing mark of the true Christian (see Jn 13:35).

Ask yourself just how loving are you, to your spouse, your friends, the guy who flips you off on the highway. If your obituary appeared in the paper tomorrow what would folks say?

To those that celebrate Thanksgiving, remember to give thanks to God for all you have. If you live somewhere and it’s not thanksgiving officially , well give thanks to God.

Blessing to all those that suffer holiday blues, hang in there.

Pray for Billie S, she is 65 and lost here husband today

Pray for Rahj S. he wants to come to America

Sandy B, just accepted Christ as Savior, and tomorrow she faces a very hostile family.

Paul M, says he’s tired beyond belief, pray not only for a rest but no guilt, it’s ok to say no to people

God bless from

Thanks to all that encourage

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