December 14, 2016

One minute after we die, our minds, our memories, will be clearer than ever before. We are reminded of Jesus’ story of the rich man who went to hades with his memory intact.

He knew his family on earth, pleading, “I have five brothers.” Death does not change what we know; our personalities will just go on with the same information we have stored in our minds today.

Did you really think that you would go to heaven and be a completely different person? When Jesus came back he bore all the marks of His crucifixion, he was recognizable, and he looked the same. I joke all the time that when I get to heaven I will be taller, not true.

You have entered heaven without a break in consciousness, there will be no gaps, no voids, and you will be the same person. You will remember everything you ever did, good and bad, God will wipe away every tear, so there is crying in heaven. I believe because finally in His presence, finally unchained from our sinful body we will remember every lost opportunity, every choice good or bad.

So today is the rest of your life, fill it with good. Good choices, spiritual choices, less carnality, like the old Gospel song, ‘more of Him’ and as I like to add; ‘less of me’.

God bless from

So many prayer requests today, we can’t list them all, but rest assured that our prayer team is in constant prayer mode.

One request stands out, Donald B, didn’t get paroled today and has been placed on suicide watch. Pray for Donald, he’s a believer, but needs reassuring of God’s plan for his life.

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