January 4, 2017

3 stooges


In 2 Corinthians 10, Paul summarizes what can be called “discipleship of the mind” by saying, “We take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (v. 5). But how do we do that? One key way is to act on what we believe so we can gain knowledge.

Many philosophers define knowledge as “justified, true belief.” We have “knowledge” when a belief we hold is true and we have confirmation that it’s true. As James Sire explains,

So related is belief to action, that it is fair to say that if you believe you will act. If you do not act, you show by that nonaction that you do not believe. In fact, it is through obedience that knowledge comes. Through action come confirmation and justification. Belief in action produces knowledge.

A prime example of this pattern from belief to knowledge is the royal official in Cana who had heard about the healing power of Jesus (see Jn 4:46). His son was dying, and he begged Jesus to come and heal him. But rather than go to the child, Jesus gives the official a command to be obeyed: “Go,” Jesus replied, “your son will live” (Jn 4:50).

And the official obeyed. Before he even got home he received confirmation that his son had been healed. The man’s belief in Jesus had been justified and proven true, giving him knowledge of Jesus’ power. Notice the reaction to the news is that “he and his whole household believed” (Jn 4:53) The official already believed, of course, but now he had confirmation (knowledge) that his belief was true—which caused him to believe even more.

We, too, gain Biblical knowledge when we follow the same pattern as the official from Cana:

  ➤ Belief stage—We take thoughts captive by believing a Biblical command or principle is true.

 ➤ Action stage—We obey Christ by acting on the belief.

 ➤ Knowledge stage—Because Christ is always truthful, our obedience confirms the truth of the belief, causing us to believe even more.

To know in the Biblical sense we must act on what we say we believe.

God bless from

Please continue to pray Paul K, and his battle with what may be cancer

Pray for Jamie, they had to amputate part of her son’s foot from a motorcycle accident.

Pray for fred p, and dementia

For Vickie and her cancer treatments

Pray for Robin M, doesn’t know the Lord and because of her very wicked past she believes she’s beyond saving.


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