January 5, 2017

Image result for picture of bob dylan

SHOCKER??? (how many people don’t know whose picture this is???) (no it’s not Adam Sandler, although they’re both Jews)

            If I could pick one Christian album to recommend, not a worship album but a record for new believers to listen to and more mature Christians as well, you may be shocked.

But wait, before I tell you, I’m a hard-core rock and roller, my parents took me with them to Woodstock, (by accident we weren’t planning on going), I was at the Watkins Glen concert the largest outdoor rock concert in America. Then name any rock group but the Beatles, (don’t consider them a rock group). I’ve probably been at their concert, from Janis Joplin to Jethro Tull, Atomic Rooster to Moby Grape, Billy Idol to Led Zeppelin.

So the number Christian album……Bob Dylan, Slow train. Now I know his voice will peel glass, but listen to the message, the theology and I don’t believe there is a better album of theology out there.

So moral of the story, God uses the strangest messengers to carry the gospel, hey why do you think we are called

Peace Out.



2 Responses to “SHOCKER???”

  1. steveknife said

    I knew it was Bob Dylan…will have to listen to that again! ✌️☮

  2. hey, like me you are showing your age, rock on

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