January 6, 2017

You may notice I have a thing about the book of Genesis, it is the beginning of everything. And in this day where feminists are destroying the institution of the family almost as much as the homosexuals are; we need to understand God’s meaning and purpose of the family and it starts in Genesis.


Why go all the way back to the first three chapters of the Bible, if our concern is with manhood and womanhood today? Because as Genesis 1-3 go, so goes the whole Biblical debate. One way or the other, all the additional Biblical texts on manhood and womanhood must be interpreted consistently with these chapters. They lay the very foundation of Biblical manhood and womanhood.


My purpose is to demonstrate from Genesis 1-3 that both male-female equality and male headship, properly defined, were instituted by God at creation and remain permanent, beneficent aspects of human existence. Let me define male-female equality:


Man and woman are equal in the sense that they bear God’s image equally.


Let me also define male headship:


In the partnership of two spiritually equal human beings, man and woman, the man bears the primary responsibility to lead the partnership in a God-glorifying direction.


The model of headship is our Lord, the Head of the church, who gave Himself for us.1 The antithesis to male headship is male domination. By male domination I mean the assertion of the man’s will over the woman’s will, heedless of her spiritual equality, her rights, and her value. My essay will be completely misunderstood if the distinction between male headship and male domination is not kept in mind throughout.


Evangelical feminism argues that God created man and woman as equals in a sense that excludes male headship. Male headship/domination (feminism acknowledges no distinction) was imposed upon Eve as a penalty for her part in the fall. It follows, in this view, that a woman’s redemption in Christ releases her from the punishment of male headship.2


What, then, did God intend for our manhood and womanhood at the creation? And what did God decree as our punishment at the fall? The first two chapters of Genesis answer the first question and the third chapter answers the second.

Keep in mind that since the fall of the human race everything, all of creation is warped and not serving the purpose of God. But this doesn’t negate God’s design. Yes I’ll quote the 80/20 rule, although I have no empirical data. But after 40 years of family counseling I can confidentially say men are failing to be the head of their marriage and their family. The human race is lazy and nature abhors a vacuum. If we don’t follow the design and grand plan of God we can only twist and distort what should have been beautiful.

Stay tuned.

God bless from



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