February 25, 2017

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Many of God’s commands are framed as positive statements (e.g., “Love your neighbor”). But numerous commands also tell us what we should not do. A prime example is the 6 “do not’s” included in Paul’s instructions for Christian living in Ephesians 4.

 Here are 6 things Christians should not do:

  1. Do not lie (v. 25)—Soon after we begin to talk we learn to practice deceit; lying is one of the first vices of children. But when we become “born again” we must be mature, speak truthfully and renounce the devil, the father of lies.

  2. Do not let anger cause you to sin (vv. 26–27)—Scripture doesn’t forbid anger, but it requires that we put two checks on it. Paul is quoting the Septuagint version of Psalm 4:4 in the first check on anger: Don’t let anger cause you to sin in thought or action. If we do we allow the “devil a foothold.”

 The second check is to not let our anger fester and carry on for long periods of time. Paul’s words about not letting the sun go down while we’re angry is not to be taken too literally (if they were, people in Greenland, where day lasts above a quarter of a year, could be angry for a long time). What he intends is that we should seek a quick resolution to our anger.

  1. Do not steal (v. 28)—While we might not have to be told not to steal—because we don’t engage in overt theft—we might still need to avoid stealing indirectly, as in cheating others in our business dealings.

  2. Do not engage in unwholesome talk (v. 29)—As Christians, we must refuse to allow our speech to be obscene, vulgar or profane.

  3. Do not obstruct the Holy Spirit (v. 30)—The Spirit is grieved when we obstruct his work in helping us to obey God.

  4. Do not hold on to emotions that cause you to be unloving (v. 31)—When we hold on to these emotions they cause us to sin. We should, instead, be “kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you” (v. 32).

You’d think it was simple, yet in these just 6 things how’d your week go with this report card.

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