the basic mindset

March 26, 2017

Because all wisdom and knowledge are in Christ, Christians should not be deluded with the persuasive words of false teachers. If a man does not have the truth, then he must seek to attract a following through the clever presentation of his message. That is exactly what false teachers always do. They argue from probabilities and build a system of teaching on deductions. They will quote Scripture to their own end.

On the other hand, if a man is preaching the truth of God, then he does not need to depend on such things as eloquence or clever arguments. The truth is its own best argument.

Sometimes plain and simple is the best way to teach. Charles Spurgeon, perhaps one of the greatest preachers to ever live would preach his sermon to the maids, and servants to see if it was plain and clear to the everyday person.

In this age of slick wolves and cultists of popularity they depend on stories, emotions and experiences over reason, not on judgment and the simple truth of the Scriptures.

If the only note a person plays is that “God loves us” and implies there is to be no change in our lives, no conflict over failures and shortcomings; everything is wonderful, they are heretics, seeking to win over the foolish and simple minded.

Living the Christian life is a battlefield where we must not only fight ourselves but the forces of Evil. It is not a lifestyle for the timid and weak of mind.

God bless from

Spanky’s mom is doing better, pray works, after cat scans, mri’s, pet scans, xrays, etc. this Friday showed only one tumor on her liver. 10 days ago there were 9 in her body, all gone but one, they are doing surgery next week.

Pray for Joe r. shoulder surgery, was postponed, he’s in a lot of pain.

Steve L, pray for a calm spirit and victory


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