don’t follow with your wallet

April 22, 2017

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Those who “think that godliness is a means to financial gain” (1Ti 6:5) are falling for the “prosperity gospel,” a false doctrine that claims financial blessing and good health is the will of God for Christians, and that faith, positive speech and donations to Christian ministries will always increase one’s material wealth and lead to physical healing.

  Rather than telling people that if they simply send in their check they will prosper financially, we give people the five steps or seven secrets to spiritual prosperity. Much like a preacher in a congregation who proclaims a prosperity gospel of financial blessing we tell our church members that if they will simply follow tips from Scripture or put into practice easy techniques, they will spiritually prosper.

  There is an element of truth in this,because if we stop sinning we will prosper spiritually. But the real path to prosperity can only be found in knowing, following and obeying Jesus.

 Want to avoid falling for a gospel of spiritual prosperity? Try this:

  ➤ Question your motives—Ask yourself, “What is my goal for spiritual formation? Are my efforts to become more like Christ, or am I seeking a more worldly form of ‘spiritual prosperity.’ ”

 ➤ Question your methods—Tips and techniques that aid in spiritual formation are not shortcuts to spiritual prosperity. While these practices can focus our efforts and clear our path so we might have an active role in our sanctification, they are merely means to an end: helping you to become more like Christ. Are you using any methods that put your hope for spiritual growth in anything other than Jesus?

 ➤ Question your understanding—Do you understand the role of sanctification in the Christian life? Do you understand what role God expects you to play in your spiritual formation? Until you do understand these roles, you will have difficulty achieving true spiritual growth.

It’s your heart God wants, not your wallet.

God bless from


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